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Ways to Lift the Spirit

Lift Your Spirit When You’re Having a Rough Time

Our lives tend to have it’s ups and downs and when times get rough, we need just a little motivation to lift our spirit. So here are some ways that will help you lift your spirit and have you feeling back to yourself.

  • Let there be light!

Get outside and go for a calming walk. Enjoy the fresh air and the exercise.

  • Declutter your home and organize

A neat and spacious home always makes you feel good and let’s the light shine through.

    • Get up and out of the house

    Sitting around the house thinking to much can make anyone really depressed. So go out and get some fresh air, do something you enjoy.

    • Create a journal

    Writing about how you feel or some goals you have can help let some personal things out, instead of holding them in and bothering you.

    • Meditation

    Meditation is a wonderful practice to try out, it relives anxiety and helps you reach a calming and peaceful state throughout different parts of the body.

    • Eating Healthy

    A healthier choice of foods can really change the way you feel. Fast foods and junk will have you feeling tired, gross and can cause your skin to breakout.

    • Taking Care of yourself

    It’s easy to slowly stop looking after yourself when depressed or down. Bathing, getting ready, sleeping well and pampering yourself are things that bring you good feelings and will lift your spirit.

    • Clean

    A clean house, clean clothes and clean sheets are one thing that always lift my spirits up. Nothing better than the smell of a clean house with one of my bath and body works candles lit.

    • Be Grateful

    A positive attitude and being gentle with yourself and others can really lift your spirit. Be grateful for the little things and try to see some good in things and know it will get better.

    • Talk to Someone

    It can get really lonely sometimes while sitting in your head and over thinking to much. Talking to someone and venting will help so much, letting it out is needed sometimes. Holding things in can really drive the mind crazy.

    • Read

    Finding a book or searching the Internet to read positive and helpful topics that can give you some advice on how to help yourself out of this down time.

    • Reach Out

    They’re a lot of community supports out there if you are struggling with mental health. It’s not easy to go through alone so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes we are stuck feeling lost and confused and they’re are people who can help and direct us to get back on our feet.