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The Truth & your Freedom

‘What you don’t know can’t hurt you

I’ve heard that saying a million times but the truth is what I didn’t know, was destroying me. They say that the truth will set you free but it can’t set you free because it depends on what you are holding onto. The worlds truth? Buddha’s truth? Your own truth? The governments truth? Your past and pain truth? Or even the present reality that hurts the most. There is only One truth and it is the truth that we are able to align our lives with so we can live free. All those other truths will fade away, but our higher power is truth in spirit, the world made the flesh.

We must align ourselves with our higher power (‘God, or whatever you choose as your higher power’) and our higher powers truth. We will know of all goodness, love and salvation, which has saved us from our penalties of our sins and death. That is the beautiful truth that will set yourself free.

Hold on to the teachings…know it, walk in it, abide in it and follow it and once you meditate on it and align yourself, your spiritual freedom will be found as we learn about the lies that held us captive. Opening up our eyes beginning to see clear and our love breaks through darkness, revealing our beautiful freedom that is ours to walk in.

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