Positive Day

Good morning bloggers and readers! I want you to start your morning off with some positive thinking walking to class, driving to your job or maybe even taking the dog for a morning walk or jog.

If you can find a short amount of time, the best way to start your morning is with a short meditation. Here is a morning guided meditation focusing on positive ways to start your day.

Instead of stressing about things that don’t matter, I want you too find the beauty in things today and appreciate them.

Here are some examples.

What is most beautiful about ….

The morning light that shines first thing in your room?

The first tree you see today?

A stranger on the street?

The first piece of news you read?

Taking some time for yourself today?

The last conversation you had?

When you start to think and see the beauty in things instead of judging them and picking things out for their flaws or just over thinking it’s existence, it doesn’t make life reflect back to you in the best way. Over seeing the beauty and appreciating, simply makes your day beautiful.

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