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Body, Mind and the Spirit. We are connected .. We are one… We are unique ..We are. In this world a lot of people find their selves unhappy. Why do people sadly find their selves dealing with these problems? Everyday we do the same thing over and over again . Their heads are facing down into a screen disconnecting from socializing with the people right in front of us. We follow because everyone else is doing it. We stop exploring ourselves within and out and spend more of our time scrolling through other peoples lives. We replace going out to do things and instead of just enjoying the experience, we pull out cameras and rush to record everything, just to impress other people. We’ve stopped looking forward, and now stare down at a screen.

It’s time to make changes in your life, focus on what is within, find your purpse and create instead of following. Meditation can help you relax and start discovering you.


Start with a 15 minute MEDITATION everyday! You will experience peace within the mind and relaxation through your body. You will start to alternate/ shift and raise your vibrations within which you are beginning to transform and become aware of everything. You will open up freedom to flow right on through to you and you will feel a peace, calmness and happiness that you haven’t felt or understood in your entire being. It takes time and practice but letting go and accepting, to make room for new and better things in your life is the best thing you could do for yourself NOW.

BELOW are some of the best guided meditation videos/audios created by Jason Stephenson. Click onto one of these guided meditation videos, relax and focus on what is within.



15 thoughts on “BODY♥MIND♥SPIRIT

    1. Thank you so much ! This made me so happy to read and feel great about my first blog ! Cheers to you being the first person I’ve met on blogosphere.

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  1. Hallelujah! Yes, it’s time to only allow the world in through the filter of our own hearts. It’s a much better fit for us and our lives.

    And kudos to you on your first blog post! I would have never guessed. Good luck, Brandi! pam

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  2. Thanks for providing the great links. I will check some of them out. I love to start my day by 10 minutes of meditation. After that, I am ready to face the world.

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